The sunniest place in the UK

The sunniest place in the UK

by Maria Katsiou Thursday 14 May 2015

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The sunniest place in the UK

Many cities in the UK have claimed to be the sunniest places in the country. Last year was generally considered to be a sunnier than average year for most areas, but still not exceptional. Sunshine amounts varied from one place to another but in general March, July and December were the sunniest months.


However, the question still remains…which is the sunniest place in the UK?


It is said that the south coast of England is the sunniest region. But then there is a battle between two towns there, Eastbourne in East Sussex, and Bognor Regis in West Sussex.  Glasgow has claimed rights to the title of the sunniest city in Scotland and Dale Fort, which is situated in Pembrokeshire, the sunniest town in Wales.  


So let’s find out the truth! Discover the 4 sunniest regions according to official research! 

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