Types of clouds

MIDDLE CLOUDS: Nimbostratus

by Esme Perry Thursday 5 March 2015

Nimbostratus cloud
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In areas with a temperate climate, Nimbostratus are very frequent. They are dense, grey and lie at low altitude, even though they are considered a middle-level layer cloud. They generally lie at a height of 0 to 6,500 feet, often looking like they are going to touch the ground. The composition of nimbostratus depends greatly on the temperature. It can be made of ice crystals or raindrops.

What does it forecast?

Nimbostratus often bring persistent rain or snow. These precipitations can even last several days depending on the speed of the cloud. They can also announce the passage of a cold front. When these type of clouds leave, stratus or stratocumulus clouds can replace them in the sky.

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