A phenomenon that is as interesting as it is intriguing, the auroras borealis leave you impressed by their beauty.

But do you know how the northern lights occur? And where can you observe them?

First of all, the auroras borealis are in the shape of a long wave of light often of multiple colours, but most of the time, green, blue or purple. This luminous wave forms when highly charged particles from the sun are deflected from their paths in the magnetic fields caused by the Earth’s poles.

The auroras borealis are visible in the regions and countries close to the North Pole. Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland, or even Russia have the opportunity to be able to observe this phenomenon.

Likewise, countries close to the South Pole can catch a glimpse of the auroras australis.

It so happens that during a magnetic storm, the auroras borealis were seen from Southern Europe! So keep an eye on the sky!


Photosource: WhatiMom, http://flic.kr/p/ebLpPC,(CC BY-SA 2.0)