Let’s take a look at the international records for rainfall. You will discover that the UK is far from these figures. We’re talking several metres of water, even a dozen, sometimes in just an hour…

Take out the umbrella, it’s time for a world tour in rainfall records!

The Top Records!

The all time record goes to Indiaand more particularly to the city of Cherrapunji in the State of Maghalay in the Northeast of the country. From August 1840 until July 1841, almost 26,461mm of rain fell… that’s more than 26 metres!

The record number of days of rain goes to Bahia Felix, Chile a city in the “Land of Fire, the archipelago situated off the southernmost tip of South America. There are more than 325 days of rain a year.

In Europe, the city of Crkvica in Bosnia and Herzegovina holds the precipitation record with 4648mm in a year. That is about five times the average annual rainfall in England.

In one hour, no less than 305 metres of water fell on the smell town of Holt in the USA. That is more than half of the annual precipitation in London.

We can hardly complain about the weather and the rain here. We are not the worst off by any means!

Banner photo:  © apirati333 / Fotolia