Some of China’s beaches have a green visitor. More than 20,000 tons of green algae have washed ashore along the Shandong province’s beaches.

This is the biggest algae bloom yet, and officials have already removed 19,800 tons from the beaches near Qingdao! The algae cause costly damages to the region’s fisheries as the algae soaks up the water’s oxygen, depleting the supply for marine wildlife and choking them off.

More than 8 million people live in Qingdao, and locals and tourists arrive at the coast in droves during the summer to take advantage of the beaches.

Is it safe to swim in algae?

It’s non-toxic and generally harmless to humans, but as it begins to rot, it starts to smell. The algae produce hydrogen sulphide gas that smells like rotten eggs. That doesn’t exactly lead to a fun and relaxing swimming experience!  Not to mention the normally sandy beach is under a layer of green!

But that doesn’t seem to stop beach goers from taking a dip in the green water!

Would you go for a swim here?


Photo credit : © E.Kernick -