When it comes to interesting career choices, the life of a professional wrestler is definitely one of the more bizarre avenues that somebody can go down. If you choose it, then there must be a whole number of interesting character traits in your repertoire. 

Thus, it makes sense that many people who pursue this dream would come from the same star sign.

When looking for suitable signs, we started with Scorpio. Traditionally Scorpios are focused, which is useful for this sort of career, because it takes years of training to become a wrestler. They are also brave and anybody who has ever watched a wrestling match will tell you that this is essential - these people are thrown from a height by their colleagues on a nightly basis.

Ambition is another key element to their personality, which is also one of the key components of anyone who succeeds in this killer career. 

Here are just a few top professional wrestlers who are Scorpios. 

Edge, who was born as Adam Copeland, was one of the biggest stars in the WWE before his retirement. He won 31 championships and became heavily tied to any conversation about the greatest Canadian wrestlers ever. 

He is one of the few wrestling stars to successfully transition from tag-team to singles competition and he won titles in both. 

CM Punk
Nowadays Phillip Brooks is carving out a mediocre MMA career, but not so long ago, he was the biggest wrestling star on the planet. Brooks is the longest ever reigning champion in the WWE and he also holds the record as the fastest wrestler to earn the WWE Triple Crown.

Fans are still hoping that he will return to wrestling some day. 

Nikki Bella
Bella became known for her wrestling skills when she became a star alongside her sister, Brie. She won the WWE Divas Championship all the way back in 2012 and her career has continued to grow since. 

She is also a reality television star and has become one of wrestling's most recognizable figures. 

Brie Bella 
Along with her sister, Nikki, Brie is one half of WWE's The Bella Sisters. Her career started off in the wrestling ring, but she has since made a name for herself as an established model and reality star. She is married to fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan and in 2011, she won the WWE Divas Championship. Her star continues to rise. 

Chris Jericho
Jericho is renowned for his Y2J persona. During his career, he won an incredible 30 championships which spanned three decades. He is one of the biggest stars within the industry and he has also made a name for himself as a very credible actor. 

A man who can do anything it seems.