Take a Dive into some of the strangest lakes in the world!

Jellyfish Lake

by Juliette Amadis Wednesday 14 August 2013

jellyfish lake
© tata_aka_T

Jellyfish Lake is located on an uninhabited small island off the coast of Koror in Palau. It is one of 70 saltwater lakes on this South Pacific archipelago that used to be connected to the ocean but has been cut off. A jellyfish explosion occurred in these isolated lakes, as they provided the perfect environment for them to live and grow. The small lake is now filled with jellyfish as they only need quick-growing algae to feed themselves. Although jellyfish are commonly known for their painful stings, theirs are too small to be felt by humans.

You can safely swim in the lake for unique sensations, but scuba diving is strictly prohibited as it may harm and disturb the ecosystem. 

Photo Source: tata_aka_T(CC BY 2.0)

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