Discover the Crooked Forest in Poland, an eerie and fairy-like place like no other in the world!

Located in a small corner of north western Poland close to Gryfino, is the crooked Forest, where 400 pine trees have their trunks bent at 90 degrees in the horizontal northwards direction before their straight upward growth.

The cause of the curvature remains unknown although many explanations can be found in order to explain this « natural » miracle. One of them and the most intriguing suggests that a group of farmers manipulated the trees 7 or 10 years after planting them in 1930 when this part of the land was still under German control in the province of Pomerania.  It seems like the farmers hoped to make furniture from the bent shapes. Their plans were unfulfilled because during this time, WWII broke out and changed the face of the region before they could harvest the trees. However, the local lumberjack expert of the region disagrees with this version because the pine of the crooked forest is not suitable for boat hulls or furniture.

Another explanation says that the increased gravitational pull in the region is responsible behind this strange morphing. Another suggests that all trees got buried in their infancy under the effect of a violent snow storm and came out this way.

Whatever the explanation, this forest literally looks like we’ve just stepped into a fairy tale!

The crooked forest © Rzuwig - CC-BY-SA-3.0

The crooked forest © Asbb - CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0