Could you live in the smallest house in Great Britain? Discover this offbeat attraction located in Conwy, Wales.

On Conwy Quay in North Wales, you’ll find this strange house visited by thousands of visitors each year. The house measures only 3x1.8 metres and has two floors, though you can no longer go up stairs due to structural instability.

It was occupied by many residents since the 16th century. The last occupant was a fisherman named Robert Jones. He was forced to leave the house in 1900 as the local council declared the house as unfit for human dwelling.

During opening hours an attendant will stand outside the building dressed in traditional Welsh costume and will pose for photos with visitors. In the house, visitors can look around the two rooms and can hear audio recordings which give the history of the house and its residents.

The smallest house in Great Britain, Philip Halling, (CC BY-SA 2.0)