It may look like the picture is distorted but it’s not. Take a closer look and discover the remarkable Thin House in London!

You will find the Thin House at the junction of South Terrace and Turloe Square in Knightsbridge, London. This amazingly thin house has become a real tourist attraction in London and attracts many visitors.  If you approach the house by the west side it will appear like the entire house is only 7ft wide. The house is actually triangular in shape and widens out a little even though it’s only 34ft across at its widest point.

This unusual shape is due to the adjacent railway line but we don’t know for sure if the house was modified after the building of the track or if it was constructed with this strange shape from the start.

Its odd shape doesn’t alter its pricing as it is estimated to be worth well over two million pounds given its location in the heart of London’s Royal Borough of Kensington.


The Thin House, Peter Barr,, (CC BY-SA 2.0)