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Mali is a country situated in West Africa. It is the eighth largest country in Africa and it counts a population of around 14.5 million. Its capital and its largest city is Bamako. Mali is landlocked in the western part of Saharan dessert. Historically, Mali has played a very important role in the African empires of the past. It boasts legendary attractions such us the city of Timbuktu, the Djene mosque, and the Niger River. The climate in Mali varies from one place to another because it depends on the altitude. The climate in this country is mainly by subtropical to arid. The wet season occurs from June to October. Winter lasts from October to February and summer until June. In northern parts of Sahara, the climate is very hot and dry, while in the subtropical southern parts it is hot and humid. The average temperatures in Mali are between 24°C and 32°C. Rainfall varies between regions. In the North precipitation is not so regular, while in the South the rainfall is very heavy and it lasts from June to October.

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