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Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has two UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites, the Belém Tower and Jeronimos Monastery. Belém Tower is Lisbon’s most photographed monument and was built in 1515 as a fortress to guard the entrance to Lisbon’s Harbour. It is the city’s symbol of discovery, as for many of the voyages of discovery, the tower was the starting point and also the sailors’ last sight of their homeland. The city centre, Baixa, is the main shopping and banking area of Lisbon. The centre is Europe’s first example of urban city planning with its wide streets as well as beautiful neoclassical buildings. The district is under consideration to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and although many of the buildings are in need of renovation, it is also known as one of the seven urban wonders of the world. One of the areas’s top sights is the Santa Justa Elevator, which is a 147 foot high Eiffel Tower lookalike. The monument provides fantastic views of the city, and at the top of the tower is a café where you can sit and relax with a drink and admire the wonderful views of the city.Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jeronimos Monastery, is well worth visiting. A symbol of Portugal’s power and wealth during the ‘Age of Discovery’, it was constructed to commemorate Vasco Da Gama’s voyage. The architecture of the monastery is known as Manueline, and this style of art glorifies the discoveries of this age. Admire the columns which are each differently carved with sea monsters and coral which reflect sea exploration at the time. If you are looking for an activity for the whole family, then look no further than the Oceanarium which is one of the world’s largest aquariums. There are over 25,000 species in a central tank and visitors can take a close look from different levels. Several ocean ecosystems have been recreated, for example, the Antarctic tank with penguins and the Pacific tank containing otters. Each ecosystem is separated by invisible, acrylic walls, giving the impression that all the creatures swim in the same space. A fantastic day out for the family!

Travel review

I was in Portugal visiting family recently and whilst there, I decided to spend a few days in Lisbon. The architecture is just amazing, and there’s so much history to take in. My hotel was located in the Baixa district, and as soon as I arrived I started exploring the area. I loved the neoclassical buildings and spent a couple of hours watching the world go by in a café on Rossio Square. I went on a bike tour with Lisbon Bike Tours and it is definitely something I would recommend. The tour lasted around 4 hours and cost 29 euros, which was fantastic value for money. It was a fantastic way of discovering the city- we cycled through parks and city streets and also along the coast towards Belém. There’s no need to be physically fit, as most of the tour was either on flat ground or downhill. During my last evening in Lisbon, I had a lovely meal at Cafe de Sao Bento located on the Rua de Sao Bento. They serve wonderful steak dishes there. I had their speciality, the Café de Sao Bento steak, and I have to say it was the tastiest steak I had ever eaten! The meat was so tender and it was topped with a delicious cream sauce. I would go back to Lisbon just to have the steak again!

Did you know ?

Most of the streets in Lisbon are black and white. It is believed that the black represents the attire worn by Saint Vincent, the patron saint of Lisbon, and the white represents the attire of the Christian Crusaders who defeated the Moors.

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Located on the western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the Tagus River, Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the oldest city in Western Europe. It has a population of 550,000 in the city centre and over 3 million in the urban area. The capital has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery. The city is home to many types of architecture, including Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque. Popular attractions include the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Opera House, and the Avenida de Liberdade. Lisbon has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate characterised by mild winters and warm to hot summers. The average high temperatures in summer range from 26 to 28°C, but they may be as high as 40°C. In the winter, the average high temperature is around 15°C. Annual precipitation is 774mm with rain occurring mostly during the winter months.