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Discover today's weather forecast and 10 day weather forecasts for Russia. Access the weekend's weather for this country in Eurasia.

The climate in Russia

Russia, situated in Eurasia, is the largest country in the world and is also the world's ninth most populous nation counting nearly 144 million people. It shares borders with 14 other countries. Moscow, the capital, and St Petersburg, the former capital, are the two favourite destinations for travellers. The first one has endless attractions to offer and is home to the famous Saint Basil's Cathedral. The second one is the cultural capital and therefore counts many museums including the Hermitage, said to be one of the world's best museums. Due to its enormous size, Russia offers a diverse climate. Most of the country presents a humid continental climate with only two distinct seasons, winter and summer, and great range of temperatures is common. Northern European Russia and Siberia have a subarctic climate with extremely severe winters.

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