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Find out what the weather forecast is today and tomorrow for Sri Lanka. Free weekly weather forecasts are available for this island country.

The climate in Sri Lanka

The island country of Sri Lanka is located near the south-east of India, in South Asia, in the Laccadive Sea. It counts more than 20 million inhabitants and was known as Ceylon until 1972. The country has a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Hindu heritage, with its numerous temples. The country is home to eight Unesco World Heritage Sites, with three ancient cities or old towns, two sacred cities, one temple and two natural sites. The island enjoys a tropical climate with two rain seasons, the North-East monsoon from October to January and the South-West monsoon from May to July. Upland areas of Sri Lanka are cooler and more temperate, with a yearly average temperature around 16 to 20°C while coastal areas have average temperatures of 27°C. Humidity is typically quite high averaging 80% all year round.

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