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The weather for Turkey in Western Asia

Find out what the weather forecast is today and tomorrow for Turkey. Free weekly weather forecasts available for this country in western Asia.

The climate in Turkey

Turkey is a transcontinental country located in both Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. It is bordered by eight countries, the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea and has a population of over 75 million. The country offers visitors a variety of historical sites and seaside resorts along its coasts. The city of Istanbul is a popular destination for holidays and professionals. The coastal areas of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean have a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild or cool wet winters. The coast along the Black Sea has a temperate Oceanic climate with wet, warm summers and cool or cold wet winters. The coastal areas on the Sea of Marmara have a transitional climate with warm to hot mostly dry summers and cool to cold wet winters. The interior areas of the country have a continental climate with contrasting seasons.

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