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Uganda is a country located in East Africa with Kampala as its capital and largest city. It counts a total population of around 37.8 million people and it is the second most populous landlocked country after Ethiopia. Uganda is also known as “The Pearl of Africa” because of its beautiful landscapes and the numerous activities that it offers to its tourists. Here visitors can see lions in the open savannah, go rafting on the Nile, set off into the misty mountains to search for majestic mountain gorillas or participate in a local cultural evening around the camp fire. The climate in Uganda sees little change the year round with temperatures somewhere between winter and summer. The hottest months are January and February with average daily temperatures between 24°C and 33°C and maximums of 40°C in the far north. The southern part of the country experiences two rainy seasons with the first one from mid- September to November and the second one from March to May.

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