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Description of Nottingham

Nottingham, situated in the East Midlands, has one of the most sophisticated urban environments with lots of café-bars and elegant restaurants, clubs, theatres, cinemas and galleries. Nottingham is a dynamic mix of medieval and modern and it has also some important historical sites and features with reminders of Nottingham’s legendary hero Robin Hood and his historic adversary the Sheriff of Nottingham. There’s a lot to discover in Nottingham!

Inside info

For those who have a genuine interest in history, Nottingham Castle is worth seeing. It stands on Castle Rock overlooking the city. The building today is a 17th century Ducal Mansion. After being damaged by fire, it was finally restored and reopened in 1878. You will find inside, a museum and an art gallery. The castle is surrounded by landscaped gardens and there are great views of the city from the castle walls. Not to be missed is the Creswell Crags Museum and Visitor Centre. A world famous archaeological site, where you will find a limestone gorge with caves and a lake. Creswell Crags has the only Ice Age rock art in the UK and for an extra cost you can go on a tour of one of the caves used by people in the last Ice Age. The tour is led by a local archeologist and is fascinating. Don’t miss it! Another must-see is the Galleries of Justice, an interactive museum that takes you through a realistic rendering of the 14th century penal system, from crime to punishment. The Galleries of Justice Museum is on an old, narrow, winding street named High Pavement situated in the heart of Nottingham's historic Lace Market. Go on a guided tour above and below the streets of Nottingham to see how life was in the British Judicial system. A must while visiting Nottingham is to participate in one of its numerous festivals. There are plenty of festivals and celebrations all year round in Nottingham. Some of the highlights are the Nottingham Open tennis tournament in June, a Gay Pride festival in July and the Riverside Festival next to the River Trent each August. Many of the most popular festivals often feature medieval, Robin Hood themes and are plenty of fun for all the family.

Did you know ?

Nottingham is the birthplace of both Boots the Chemists and Raleigh Cycles. HP sauce was also invented here by F C Garton.

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Geographical situation and climatic info for Nottingham

Nottingham is a city situated in the East Midlands of England. The weather in Nottingham is typical of England with generally warm summers, mild autumns, icy winters and rainy springs. Many visitors are attracted to Nottingham each year because of its nightlife and shops but also because of its links with the legend of Robin Hood.

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The weather and climate in Nottingham

This city, renowned for its links with the legend of Robin Hood, has a relatively small population of around 305 000 people, but is the second largest city in the East Midlands. It is known for being a strong town economically, for its tourism, shopping and nightlife. The city is also a renowned sporting centre, home to various different sports venues such as the National Water Sports Centre and the National Ice Centre. The city boasts two large universities and boasts a large student population. Nottingham experiences typically English weather with warm summers, wet springs and cold winters. Temperatures reach an average high of 21°C in summer and average lows of 1°C in winter.