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Beauty in Nature

Written on Saturday 19 April 2014 |

Go for a Safari in South Africa and discover the beauty of African Wildlife with this beautiful high-quality video shot by Andre Meyer.

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Scottish Wildlife

Written on Friday 18 April 2014 |

Take a glimpse at Scotland's Wildlife with this short but beautiful video shot by Cagoule.

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48h in Venice

Written on Thursday 17 April 2014 |

Take a short 48 hour break to Venice and enjoy the beauty of the most romantic city in the world! Video shot by Blog The Glob.

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Growing is Forever

Written on Wednesday 16 April 2014 |

Be amazed by the unusual size of the trees of Redwood forests of Northern California and listen carrefully to the inspirational words of Kallie Markle about growth. Video shot by Jesse Rosten.

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Auroras over Norway

Written on Tuesday 15 April 2014 |

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Northern lights and the Aurora Borealis over Norway with this timelapse video shot by samsu.

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Amazing Scotland

Written on Monday 14 April 2014 |

A fantastic video filmed by MaxDreamCreator showing some of Scotland's most beautiful landscapes.

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