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New Zealand Untouched Island

Written on Friday 30 January 2015 |

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean of stunning and diverse natural beauty: jagged mountains, rolling pasture land, steep fiords, pristine trout-filled lakes, raging rivers, scenic beaches, and active volcanic zones. Let yourself be transported in this video to the magnificent island of New Zealand.

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A day in Green Island

Written on Wednesday 28 January 2015 |

Spend a relaxing and exciting day in Green Island, a little island off the coast of Cairns. Visit the Great Barrier Reef by snorkelling around as long as you want, explore tropical island rainforests and finish the day by relaxing beautiful beaches.

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Sweet Spain

Written on Monday 26 January 2015 |

Passionate, sophisticated and devoted to living the good life, Spain is at once a stereotype come to life and a country more diverse than you ever imagined.

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Scenery of Scotland

Written on Friday 23 January 2015 |

Admire the stunning landscape of Scotland. From majestic mountains covered by pine trees, to beautiful canals, rivers and lochs, this video will give wishes of road trip in Scotland.

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A winter in Finland

Written on Wednesday 21 January 2015 |

Snow in abundance, ski trips, aurora borealis, a sauna followed by a freezing cold bath… If we had to describe winter in Finland, this is probably what we would come up with. Watch this beautiful video and discover what a Finnish winter looks like!

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Unforgettable Bolivia

Written on Monday 19 January 2015 |

From luxury Copacabana resorts on the shore of Lake Titicaca to the unworldly expanse of the salt flats of Uyuni, Bolivia offer a wealth of once-in-a-lifetime. The Bolivian population, is multiethnic and the country has more indigenous peoples than any other country in the Americas. Let yourself get involved by this video on the beauty of the country.

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