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Unsung Kazakhstan

Written on Friday 27 February 2015 |

Kazakh – What? The ninth biggest country is often unknown by occidental cultures. Whether you’d rather spend your holiday in a lively city like Astana, the capital, with its amazing and futuristic architecture, or beyond the cities, hiking in the mountains, meeting generous people and learning their very special culture, there are always special things to see and do in Kazakhstan.

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Tiny Sydney

Written on Wednesday 25 February 2015 |

See Sydney like you’ve never seen it before in this new video. Discover the famous landmarks of this wonderful city, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Sydney Tower and even Bondi Beach, from a new angle.

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Wander in Vietnam

Written on Monday 23 February 2015 |

Explore Vietnam, a wonderful exotic country of natural and breath-taking beauty. Discover the incredible heritage of the land. Try out the outstanding Vietnamese cuisine and meet its driven and purposeful people.

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Travelling the World

Written on Friday 20 February 2015 |

Sunrises, cities, landscapes, food, sunsets, wildlife, markets; the World is full of traditions, history and interesting people. Discover in this video the beautiful colours of Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

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The Lanzarote Effect

Written on Wednesday 18 February 2015 |

“Some places in the World are special. Have you ever heard about the Lanzarote Effect?” Here is how this video about Lanzarote Island starts. Discover its beautiful landscape, meet generous people, admire stunning night sky and enjoy the warm weather of this special island.

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South Korea

Written on Monday 16 February 2015 |

Best known in the world for its music, the K-Pop, South Korea is a country full of surprises. Traditions meeting modernity is what makes the land so special. Discover in this video calm and peaceful temples, fast and busy cities, misty mountains and breath taking landscape.

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