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A taste of Porto!

Written on Saturday 4 July 2015 |

Looking for romance, adventure and a new culture to discover? Porto is the place for you! This summer destination is unique and magical! Enjoy!! Filmed by ptimelapse

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Berlin in motion!

Written on Wednesday 1 July 2015 |

Discover Berlin the capital of Germany, a city unlike any other! It is vibrant, modern and artistic! Be swept away by its impressive architecture; a mixture of old historical buildings and stunning modern skyscrapers! Enjoy! Filmed by photohod

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Croatia: the pearl of the Balkan Peninsula!

Written on Wednesday 24 June 2015 |

An amazing video showing how blessed Croatia is with its outstanding natural beauty! Situated in the Balkan Peninsula, the country has numerous historical parks and beautiful landscapes to ffer! Relax and let yourself be whisked away to Croatia this incredible timelapse! Filmed by Romulic & Stojcic

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Discover the natural beauty of Jamaica

Written on Friday 19 June 2015 |

Let’s travel to Jamaica and discover all the beautiful landscapes of this country! Enjoy through this video the natural beauty of this island country with its impressive mountains, its greenery and its beautiful beaches under the bright sky! Filmed by Bodhi Films

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No you are not dreaming it's just Thailand!

Written on Wednesday 17 June 2015 |

Folllow this couple to a romantic tour around Thailand! Discover Bangkok the capital city and some of the country's most popular islands like Phuket, Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Samui. White sandy beaches and lush forests await you! Enjoy! Filmed by Jorge Lora

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Rome by night!

Written on Friday 12 June 2015 |

Admire Rome the beautiful capital of Italy under the shining stars! Discover through this stunning video some of the city’s most famous historic sites such as Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona! Filmed by Giulio Mentuccia

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