Visiting Strasbourg

Inside info

Strasbourg, which sits on the border of both France and Germany has influences of both countries. With its colourful, timbered buildings, the city looks like it has come out of a fairytale. A fun way of visiting the city is by going on a Segway tour. Perched on one of these 2 wheeled devices, the friendly and helpful guides take you on an instructive tour of the ‘Petite France’ area and the European Institutions. The tour leaves from Strasbourg Cathedral and it is recommended to book in advance. Tours last an hour and cost from 20 euros upwards. With Christmas coming soon, the Strasbourg Christmas market is a definite must! It’s a German-style market and is the oldest in France. The market is set up all over the city, but the best areas to go to are the Cathedral Square, ‘La Petite France’ area and Kindelsmarit. The market specialises in hand-made decorations, and stalls providing snacks and drinks are abundant. This year’s market will be held between the 28th November until the 31st December.Take a stroll in the ‘Petite France’ area of Strasbourg. It is known as the ‘Venice of the North’ with its canals and narrow streets and its colourful, medieval houses. A recommended itinerary would be a walk down the ‘Rue Bain-aux-Plantes’ to admire the ancient tanneries. Go down the ‘Rue du Pont Saint Martin’ and walk across the bridge where you will find an area with a wide range of restaurants. A well-known restaurant famous for its regional cooking is the ‘Weberstub’. Try one of their famous ‘flammekueche’ (similar to a pizza, but with a very thin crust, topped with cream, onions and small bits of bacon) which is a regional speciality.

Travel review

We went to Strasbourg for a couple of days this year as part of a trip around Europe, and it was definitely one of our favourite destinations. What we loved the most about it was the mix of French and German influences in the local food, architecture etc. You won’t find another town in France quite like this. The food is excellent, I especially enjoyed the local speciality, the ‘flammekueche’, which is kind of like a pizza, but a lot nicer. We loved sitting and watching the world go by in the various cafes around the cathedral. The people are also very friendly and if like us, you don’t speak much French, Strasbourg is great as most people speak some English because of the EU institutions in the city.We took a boat trip along the River Ill. The tour departed from the Palais de Rohan port and we were guided through ‘La Petite France’ area, with it’s beautiful architecture (definitely my favourite part of Strasbourg), to the European Parliament. I recommend taking this boat trip at night to see the landmarks beautifully illuminated. We loved Strasbourg so much we’re thinking of returning next year. We would recommend it to everyone!

Did you know ?

In 1988, Strasbourg’s historic city centre, the ‘Grande Ile’ was classified a ‘World Heritage Site’ by Unesco. This was the first time such an honour was placed on an entire city centre.

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